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Adult "Connect Groups"

We want to help you experience God, CONNECT with Him, with us and with our community. Connect Groups meet weekly and are open to all adults unless otherwise noted.


Bible Class Topical Key: 100 = Basics and Fundamentals, 200 = In Depth


                                          SUNDAY CONNECT GROUPS
Men’s Small Group (teaching, prayer, full breakfast!)
Leader: Pete Donohue
Place & Time: Lower Level Kitchen from 7:00-8:00am


                                                            9:15 a.m.

Married Couples' Bible Study
Leaders: Ken Harper / Joan Miller

Place & Time: Room 201 at 9:15am  


Bible Study
Leader: Dena Cooper

Place & Time: Room 203 at 9:15am  


Women’s In-depth Bible Study              
Leaders: Mary DeSormoux , Brenda Lopez               
Place & Time: Rm 204 at 9:15am

Restore and build relationships with God and others.                                            


Bible Study
Leader: Hanna Miller

Place & Time: Johnson Fell Hall at 9:15am                                                    


David C. Cook Scripture Studies

Teaching from a take home Quarterly Bible study that walks through

the Bible chapter by chapter
Leader: Ron Jones
Place & Time: Room 208 at 9:15am                                                     


                                                                10:45 a.m.

The Connection - Class/Service

More in-depth interactive teaching on the morning sermon (Q&A, discussion)
Leader: Pastor Rick Sams
Place & Time: Sanctuary at 10:45am                                                     


Sojourners - Bible Study
Leader: Anita Williams
Place & Time: Room 204 at 10:45am                                                    


David C. Cook Scripture Studies

Teaching from a take home Quarterly Bible study that walks through

the Bible chapter by chapter
Leader: Phil Braisted
Place & Time: Room 208 at 10:45am                                                       



Sunday Evening Service 
Leader: Jerry Hart
Place & Time: Room 208 at 6:30pm                                                         


                                          MONDAY CONNECT GROUPS

Ladies’ Open Bible Study (Book of John)

Contact Person: Kim Knowles  

Place: Kim's home Time: 6:30pm                                                   

                                         TUESDAY CONNECT GROUPS
Ladies’ Open Bible Study (Book of John)

Contact Person: Patti Kommel                                                      
Place: Rms 201-208 Time: 10:45am 


Choir Rehearsal - (for anyone interested in singing in the 9:15 service)
Leader: Maurice Hatcher
Place & Time: Sanctuary at 6:00pm


Mens’ Open Bible Study (Book of John )

Contact Person: Terry Wahl                                                     
Place: Rms 202 Time: 6:30pm 


Women’s In-depth Bible Study

Contact Person: Mary DeSormoux                                                     
Place: Rms 203 Time: 6:30pm 


                                WEDNESDAY CONNECT GROUPS

Men’s Bible Study - (Biblical Blessings; 5 Love Languages)
Leader: Pastor Rick
Place & Time: Pastor Rick's office at 6:45am                          


Mom’s Support Group                  
Leader: Chris Woolf – 330-206-1475
Place & Time: Rm 202 at 9:30am (Childcare provided)

All-Church Prayer & Praise (Everyone Welcome!)
Leader: Connie Bancroft

Place & Time: Room 201 at 6:30pm                                                    


                                      THURSDAY CONNECT GROUPS


                                             FRIDAY CONNECT GROUPS 
Men’s Bible Study - (Battlefield of the Mind)
Leader: Pastor Rick

Place & Time: Pastor Rick's office from 6:30am                       


                                                 OTHER CONNECT GROUPS

Inner-City Outreach Dinner                                                                                 
Leader: Roger Meir 

Place: Inner-Christ United Methodist Church
Time: Meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm
Many other Outreach Events listed on our Website 


60 Plus or Minus (Senior Ministry)
Leader: Mary Schuller    

Place: Famiily Life Center / Paviliion Summer Months

Time: Meeting the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 11:30am      


Prayer Meeting (Come prayed up and see what happens!)

Leaders: Bing & Karen Henderson                                                   
Place: Shepherd's Bridge (10016 Mottown Rd) 

Time: Meeting the 1st Friday each month at 6:30pm


Car Care Ministry

(for single ladies who are regular attenders of the church)                   
Leader: Chris Cooper 

Place: Call for an appointment

3rd Saturday of the month                                                                          


Women In Ministry                            
Leader: Patty McFeely  

Many Events throughout the year. Contact Patty or details


Singles Ministry

Leaders: Mary Dragomir & Sally Garra

Contact Mary or Sally for details          


Grief Recovery Ministry

Leader: Sally Gara
Contact the church office for more information.                             

Meets when there is a request


Forum Gathering at Shepherd's Bridge                            
Leaders: Bing & Karen Henderson  

Place & Time: Meets periodically at 10016 Mottown Rd

Call for event dates                                                                                     


Marriage Retreat

Every March at Hilton Garden Inn, Twinsburg
Call Roger Meir for details                                                 


Do you have a topic that you would like to see covered by a class?  Are you interested in starting a class?

Would you like to facilitate a Connect Group?  There are materials that can be signed out in the foyer.

Any Ideas or Suggestions Contact our Adult Discipleship Director Debbie Noble today!

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Debbie Noble