Many people ask why church membership is so important if we all belong to the "universal church" when we accept Christ as our Savior. The reason is the statement you make. Commitments from restaurant reservations to bowling leagues to marriages are getting harder and harder to find. You cut across the grain of this world when you make such a statement of commitment today. We need commitment to this local expression of the universal Body of Jesus Christ in order to entrust you with the highest positions of leadership, Administrative Council and Elderships, even though we have many positions of leadership available to people who are not members. While, in no way, do we want non-members to ever feel they are "second class citizens" we must uphold our desire for every serious disciple to prayerfully consider joining the church as an official member, sort of like why you decide to officially enter into the commitment of marriage instead of remaining friends for your entire life with someone you love (I Corinthians 12:27). SOURCE: Pastor Rick Sams, Facts On Friends

What do I Need to do to Become a Member ?

  1. Take the Membership Class (6-week session) offered at least once a year on Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. If there is enough interest, this class may also be offered at a different time/day such as a Saturday or for several Wednesday evenings. For further information, please contact Connie Bancroft. You can view our application for membership in Faith & Practice page 100. 
  2. Get a Why Friends Are Friends book, a Faith & Practice book, an Interest & Ability Indicator, and a Covenant of Membership Form; all of which are provided in the class or by the church office. After completing the Interest & Ability Indicator and the Covenant of Membership Form, return both forms to the class teacher(s). 
  3. The completed Covenant of Membership Form is signed by the class teacher indicating the completion of the membership class. The forms are then forwarded to the church office. 
  4. The church office will forward the completed Covenant of Membership Form to the Coordinator for Overseers who will then contact the applicant for an interview. (It's mainly to go over any questions the applicant may have). 
  5. The Overseers then make their recommendations to the Administrative Council who reports their action to the next Congregational Business Meeting.  

Note: Applicants who desire to transfer from other churches need to request a Certificate of Transfer from the church where the membership is currently held. Once received by Alliance Friends Church, these Certificates of Transfer are accepted at face value with the transfer being noted in the Congregational Meeting minutes as a matter of record. Applicants who desire to transfer from churches of other denominations need to complete Steps 1-4 as listed above.