The Alliance Friends Christian Academy will provide an affordable, Bible based education to students in Alliance, Ohio and its surrounding area.

It will serve to prepare students to be leaders of the next generation, learning to uphold high moral values, to exhibit personal responsibility

and to exemplify Christ. 


  • Offer affordable daily instruction based on Biblical principles, wisdom, and character development.
  • Place children at exact academic ability in each subject through diagnostic testing.
  • Incorporate goal setting, motivation, and academic excellence.
  • Utilize selected multimedia and computer technology.
  • Encourage parental volunteerism in the daily workings of AFCA.
  • Develop critical thinking skills.
  • Teach and reinforce Godly character in all our curricula.


  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Mastery-Based Learning
  • Academic Excellence
  • Phonetic-Based Reading
  • Character Development
  • Traditional Values
  • Integrated Bible Principles
  • Grade Levels 1-10


Alliance Friends Christian Academy will provide an Individualized Education Path which presents all academics from the distinct and ever present lens of a Biblical world view. We provide a safe, structured and loving environment in which children grow in intellect and in social adjustment to their individualized potential. What is our end goal? We are committed to Academic Excellence. We uphold Traditional Values. We nurture Christian Character. We are passionate about Service to Christ.