march 2020


Here we are—marching onward toward what we would expect to be Spring!  We are now halfway through the third quarter, anticipating time will fly by as we head toward the Variety Show and Iowa Testing and end-of-the-year activities. Please continue to support and encourage your child(ren) in pursuit of finishing those PACEs and adding stars to their star chart! You are their best cheerleader and you do such great jobs at parenting them:>) We appreciate your support. 

As such good parents, thank you for helping your child plan ahead and be ready with proper attire for Wednesdays. Why go to all this trouble when “no one else” does? For one day a week, your child is learning to dress for a professional or dress-up occasion. Learning how to wear nice clothes 1) allows them to become familiar with this attire in preparation for an appropriate occasion, 2) uplifts them by helping them  feel nicely dressed, 3) allows them to stand above the crowd, 4) shows respect for self, others, and God as we worship in Chapel, and 5) helps you to have clothes on hand for an occasion that might come up unexpectedly. 

Just as a reminder: Boys should be wearing dress pants, a nice button-front shirt tucked into their pants, and tie when they arrive at school. No hoodie should be over the boys’ shirts. Boys may remove their ties at lunchtime, but their shirts should be on and buttoned for the remainder of the school day. No jeans on Chapel Day. 

Girls should wear a nice skirt and blouse or dress. A nice sweater is good for warmth. Please remember—no sleeve-less tops, straps should not be showing (an everyday requirement), and skirt length should be no higher than a dollar-bill width above the back or front of the knees. Leggings or shorts may be worn underneath. Wear nicer shoes for the morning and bring athletic shoes for recess.  


Ohio History class with Mrs. Geiger is being held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15 pm – 2:30 p.m. for Anna, Katlin, Julieanna, Nate, Channing, and Hunter. If at all possible, please try to schedule appointments for these students at another time.  


Logic class is now done!  


Iowa Testing is scheduled for April 21 – 23(Tuesday through Thursday) for most students. Due to logistics, some students will be tested April 15-17 (Wednesday through Friday). These students are Bailey, Jacob, and Katlin. If you know of a problem with that, please let Mrs. Duriga know ASAP. 

Hiring a new administrator will be a process over the next few weeks/months. Anyone desiring the position should meet the following qualifications:  

     Must have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus; 

      Must be a member and regular attender in good standing of Alliance Friends Church; 

      Must have a four-year college degree; 

      A knowledge of home education is helpful and a love for children is essential. 

A resume may be left at the church office for AFCA Board Chairman Phil Braisted or request an application from the church office. Applications and resumes will be reviewed by the AFCA Board. Staff will have input in the final decision and interested persons are welcome to visit the school and talk to staff. 


Dr. Mitchell’s 90th birthday is March 14. If you want to send a card to him, his address is 101 Lorentz, Alliance, OH 44601. Let’s see if we can contribute to his getting 90 birthday cards! 


The Variety Show will soon be upon us! March 27th will come quicker than can be imagined!! We have started practicing some acts with the students and will be ramping this up in March. We try to do this at break and recess as much as possible but there will be times when it has to be another time. Mark March 27 on your calendar and invite friends and family to come to this wonderful evening of entertainment. Remember, March 27, at 7:00 p.m. at Alliance Friends Church. 


Days off in March and April:  

Monday, March 16, for a spring mental health day,  

Friday, April 10 and Monday, April13 for Resurrection Day weekend. 

No AFCA on these days!!


Lunches and special treats being provided:  

                Friday, March 6- Lunch provided by the Thomases (pizza, salad, water, dessert). 

                Tuesday, March 10 – A snack provided for Anna’s birthday

                Wednesday, March 11- A snack provided for Lola’s birthday. 

                Thursday, March 12 – We’ll celebrate Mrs. Eckert’s birthday. 

                 Friday, March 13 – Lunch provided by the Boyles (for Hunter’s birthday). 



Wednesdays at 11 a.m. in the sanctuary, 

unless renovation moves it to the Youth Room

You are welcome to attend! 

Wednesday, March 4– Mrs. Nancy Wafler will share her testimony. 

Wednesday, March 11 – Interim Pastor Tom Kinnan is scheduled to present.  

Wednesday, March 18 – Chad Frank from H2O Ministries at Kent State University and Akron University will share about that ministry. He will then go to Sixty-Plus to share with them. 

Wednesday, March 25 – ?? Practice for Variety Show??             

Wednesday, April 1 – Dr. Dan and Rhonda Mitchell are to share their story of work in Rwanda  some years ago. 

Wednesday, April 8 - ?? Captains Shane and Dorothy Budd of The Salvation Army in Alliance  will share about the history and ministry of that organization. 

Friday Activities  

Friday, February 28 – Students on privilege get to watch the movie we missed when bad weather cancelled school— “The Miracle Worker.” 

Friday, March 6 – Mt. Union Nature Center nature walk and photo display observation. Students on privilege must dress for the weather! 

Friday, March 13 – Practice for the Variety Show for all who are in it; games or activities for those on privilege with any extra time. 

Friday, March 20 – Practice for the Variety Show for all who are in it; games or activities for those on privilege with any extra time. 

Friday, March 27 – Set up and practice for the Variety Show. 

Friday, April 3 – To be determined. 

Friday, April 10 – No AFCA.  Resurrection Day preparation for your family. 

Friday, April 17– Those on privilege get to tour Schopps Organs on Oyster Road, Alliance, and gain an understanding of what this business does to impact churches all over the world with their organ pipes.  

Friday, April 24 – To be determined. 

Friday, May 1 – This will be our end-of-the-year *all-school field trip! We will travel to Amish country (Millersburg) to tour the Amish-Mennonite Museum, learning the history of these religious groups and then eat lunch(packed) outdoors at Heini’s and tour Heini’s Cheese Chalet. We will leave at 9 a.m. and return around 3 p.m.  


There is a cost for the museum tours: $12 for adults; $8 for students grades 9-12; $5 for students grades 1-8. Students may spend money in the store at the museum and at the Cheese Chalet so students may bring extra money.  Parents, we will need drivers and chaperones! Sign up on the form at the end of the Communicator.                

*Since this will be an all- day activity, the plan is to have the youngest students stay back and have their own picnic at the park with Mrs. Geiger and Mrs. Krug, after doing some PACEwork in the morning. This will be Lola, Jacob, Levi, Bailey?, and Evelyn.  


Honor Roll Recognition for the third quarter is being affected by the quarter ending March 27, which is the same day as the Variety Show, AND by Mrs. Duriga being gone on April 3rd, when we would usually recognize those achieving it.  So . . . third quarter will end March 27, report cards will hopefully go out by Thursday, April 2nd, and Honor Roll Recognition will be held on Wednesday, March 8th, at 9:00 a.m.