Parent communicator
April 2018

Watching and waiting for signs of Spring, we look even more expectantly toward Resurrection Day celebrations and the promise of Jesus’ return! We pray that you sense the depth of meaning this remembrance brings with it, and that the sadness of Christ’s death is drenched with hope and the desire to share Jesus’ love with others!

Resurrection Day is upon us and this is a reminder that
AFCA is closed Friday, March 30th, and Monday, April 2nd. School will resume on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Tuition collection dates for April will be Wednesday and Thursday, April 4th and 5th. Mrs. Montagner will be
available in the main foyer at 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. each of those days to receive payments.

Third-quarter report cards went out on March 27th. Nineteen students made Honor Roll this quarter and
three new students were added to the 1000s Club!

APRIL Fun Activities:

Thursday, April 5th - A special activity for those who received Honor Roll status in the third quarter will be held in the afternoon. It will be an on-campus event, dependent on the weather as to if it is inside or outside. There will be fun and special treats involved :>).

Friday, April 6th- 1:30-2:30 p.m. - Those on privileges will go to AlterCare Nursing Center on Klinger Avenue in Alliance to sing with and entertain some of the residents. Our visits there in the past have been very rewarding, and some of the students returned on their own to visit with patients. Drivers will be needed.

Friday, April 13th- Mr. Carl Gustafson will come again to oversee and teach Chess to those on privilege who want it; other games will be available for those who do not want to play Chess.

Friday, April 20th- To be determined.

Friday, April 27th- “Bring your Wheels” Day! The tentative plan is that students on privilege may bring bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, rip sticks, etc. to ride in the parking lot at the back of the church. This is, of course, dependent on weather conditions. After getting through Iowa Testing in this week, we are hoping this will be a welcome release of energy in the great outdoors!

Iowa Testing is scheduled for April 24-26 for all students. Please make your plans with this in mind

and allow for good rest and nutrition for your student. All students need to be present all three days.

MAY Fun Activities
to end the 2017-18 year on a positive note:

Friday, May 4th- Activity to be determined.

Thursday, May 10th- This will be our end-of-the-year, All-Day, ALL-SCHOOL field trip to the Akron Zoo. The cost for this will be $5/student and $8/adult. We will meet at the school as usual and leave around 9 a.m. In order to watch the feeding of the animals, we will plan to stay until closing and return to the church by 6:00 p.m. All students will need a packed lunch with their name on it, and a snack and water to take. We will provide a cooler for storage of lunches. Family members who want to go are welcome. We will divide the students into groups with 1-2 adults, planning to meet for lunch. Drivers will be needed. Please indicate on the return form of this Communicator how many from your family plan to attend. Payment will be due by April 20th.

Friday, May 18- Field Day activities for all students. There will be planned team competitions in the afternoon, outside by the pavilion, Lord willing. Parent helpers are needed. In case of inclement weather, Field Day will be rescheduled for May 25th.

Wednesday, May 23rd- Cedar Point! This is what the Bible memorizers have been awaiting! Those who have earned enough points toward the Cedar Point trip will spend the day there, while the rest of us have a day of attacking PACE work in the countdown to the end of the year! Rain date is May 24th. Students who have earned 90-135 points by May 11th will have 100% of their ticket paid; students who have earned 70-89 points by May 11th will have 50% of their ticket paid. This means the student with 50% needs to pay $17.75 (ages 7-12) or $19.50 (ages13 and older). More details will be forthcoming.

Friday, May 25th- Merit Auction in the afternoon. This is the time for students to spend all those merit dollars that are left over, on items that are still left in the Merit Store and maybe some additional ones. Parents, if you have something that would be good for some high-spending at the auction, feel free to donate it. If Field Day is changed to this date due to inclement weather, Merit Auction will be May 18.

May 29-31- After Memorial Day, there will be three more days of school—Tuesday through Thursday. We expect there to be students who are working to complete some PACEs to finish, “catch up,” or work ahead a bit. However, there will be a few who have completed enough PACEs for the year.

If it is approved by Mrs. Geiger and Mrs. Duriga, students who are finished with requirements for the year may be excused from attendance beginning May 21st. 


Tuesday, April 24th- Lunch is to be provided by the Schlabach family, on the first day of Iowa Testing.

Tuesday, May 22nd- Lunch to be provided by the Schlabach family.

Friday, June 1st, 7:00 p.m.- The AFCA Closing Program for 2017-18, with awards and certificates and a look back at the year, will be held in the sanctuary. Invite your family members!

DRESS CODE CORNER: In overseeing your student’s attire for school, please remember that some clothes ride down or pull up when one sits down or stretches. The AFCA Dress Code specifies that no skin should be exposed in the back or around the midriff (as well as in other inappropriate areas). This applies to all ages of students. One suggestion is to have your student wear a long undershirt/tank top tucked into their pants underneath their shirt. Also, the shirt he or she wears is to be long enough to cover the buttocks. Clothes also should not be tight.

Modest gym clothes are to be worn only on Thursdays, when everyone has gym classes.

Chapel attire does not include t-shirts with words or graphics, nor are jeans allowed for Chapel day.

Alliance Friends Church has updated their web site. The AFCA Handbook is no longer available by that means.

Anyone wanting to view the Handbook will need to request to have it sent by e-mail.

akron zoo

Please  Print and Return this form to AFCA as soon as possible so we can have an accurate count for the Akron Zoo.

Parent/Grandparent name_______________________________________Phone___________________

___I can drive to AlterCare Nursing Center on Klinger Avenue on Friday, April 6. Arrive by 1:00 p.m.

         I have room for ______passengers besides the driver.

____My student will be attending the Akron Zoo field trip. Cost is $5/student; $8/adult, due by April 20.

       ___other family members will be attending. How many adults? ___ How many children ages 6-18?__

___I can drive to Akron Zoo on Thursday, May 10. Arrive by 8:30 a.m.

          I have room for _____passengers besides the driver.

          ___I would like to transport only my child(ren).

____I can drive to and chaperone at Cedar Point if my child earns enough points. Arrive by 7:45 a.m.

           ___Wednesday, May 23, or

           ___Thursday May 24 (rain date).

_____I can help with Field Day activities on ____Friday, May 18 or _____Friday, May 25(rain date).