febrUARY 2020


We have now moved into February with its theme of love.
Our desire is to make it a time to point out God’s love. 

Along this line of thinking, we will hold our annual Valentine’s Day party in conjunction with a “Baby Shower” for Alliance Pregnancy Center, giving love gifts to this ministry. They will in turn bless their clients—young moms—with the gifts we give them. It is a winning situation for the entire community—we are blessed to give to APC, they are blessed to give out the gifts, and the young families are blessed by receiving items they need.  A list of commonly used items follows later in this Communicator. Please send gift items with your student by Friday, February 14, so we can present them to Mrs. Emily Trevino from APC at our party.


DAYS OFF IN FEBRUARY AND MARCH: Monday, February 17, for President’s Day and Monday, March 16, for a spring mental health day. No AFCA!! 


FEBRUARY AND MARCH CHAPELS -----Please feel free to attend at 11 a.m.---- 

Wednesday, February 5—Dr. Ed and Mrs. Ruth Alma Mitchell shared memories from their  lives. This was held in the Youth Room around the “fireplace.” 

Wednesday, February 12—Mrs. Necol Jellison will speak to us about the ministry of Alliance Pregnancy Center, preparing us to bring our gifts on Friday for the annual APC Baby Shower. 

Wednesday, February 19 – The Chancel Players from Malone University will present dramas. 

Wednesday, February 26 – Missionary Mykaela Alvey, from One Mission Society, will speak. 

Wednesday, March 4– Mrs. Nancy Wafler will share her testimony. 

Wednesday, March 11 – Interim Pastor Tom Kinnan is scheduled to present.  

Wednesday, March 18 – Chad Frank from H2O Ministries at Kent State University and Akron University will share about that ministry. He will then go to Sixty-Plus to share with them. 

Wednesday, March 25 – Captains Shane and Dorothy Budd of The Salvation Army in Alliance will share about the history and ministry of that organization. 



Honor Roll recognition is rescheduled for this Friday, February 7, during opening exercises. If you are coming, please arrive with your child before school. Twenty-three students earned either “A” or “B” Honor Roll for the second quarter! You should have received a notice if your student achieved Honor Roll. An extra-large candy bar will be given to each one who achieved this, along with their certificate beautifully calligraphed by Judy Moyer. We’ll be done by 9:30. 

Friday, February 7 – Those on privilege will watch the movie, “The Miracle Worker” about Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. 

Friday, February 14 – We will hold our annual Valentine’s Day activities for all students and bring love gifts for the Alliance Pregnancy Center. This is our annual “Baby Shower” for the Alliance Pregnancy Center and everyone is  encouraged to bring unwrapped baby gifts, which will be given to APC. See idea list. Each student should bring a container of some type that will hold their valentines; they may decorate it or choose to leave it plain. Students also are welcome to bring valentines for others, but please bring for all  28 students in AFCA. A list of students is included so no one should get missed. Many of you signed up to bring refreshments! Let’s narrow it down to three: Krugs will provide small water bottles, Taylors will provide fruit, and Jacksons/Johnsons will provide cookies or another snack. 

Friday, February 21 - The Malone University drama group will return after giving their Wednesday performance for Chapel to involve the students in some fun acting activities. 

Friday, February 28 – Think fun math games! 

Friday, March 6 – Mt. Union Nature Center nature walk and photo display observation.  

Friday, March 27, at 7:00 p.m. - Annual Variety Show. This is the opportunity for students to display their talents. Please plan to be in attendance and invite family and friends to come:>) 

IOWA TESTING is planned for April 21-23.
Test proctors will be needed. 



Size Newborn, 4&5 Diapers*   Shampoo*   Wipes*   Conditioner*   Quilts   Body wash*   Baby towels*   Laundry Detergent

Newborn outfits*   Clothing 18m-2T*  Newborn onesies*   Gently Used Toys   Newborn sleepers*   1 bushel laundry baskets

Bibs*   1 gallon Ziploc bags   Baby wash*   Baby lotion *   Baby shampoo*   Pacifiers   Diaper rash ointment   Baby bottles

Toothpaste   *Toothbrushes

*High needs items


Student names for valentines (see back also): 

1)   Renee Bertrand         

2)  Bailey Blakeman        

3)  Amanda Boyle           

4)  Elizabeth Boyle          

5)  Hunter Boyle              

6)  Julieanna Carnes       

7)  Serenity Carnes         

8)  Evelyn Courie             

9)  Lilliana Dalesandro    

10) Elisha Dattilo               

11)  Daniel DeUnger          

12) Katie Donohoe           

13) Dominique Eckert      

14) Isaac Ernst                  

15) Jacob Ernst                  

16) Levi Ernst  

17) Emili Groff

18) Kalie Groff                    

19) Katlin Hoover               

20) Channing Jellison        

21) Kylee Johnson             

22) Lola Krug                       

23) Zoey Lockner

24) Ehlias Roberts.             

25) Sarah Russell                

26) Anna Taylor                 

27) Ethan Thomas             

28) Nathaniel Thomas       


A personal message from Mrs. Duriga to AFCA parents: 

It has been my great privilege to be an active part of the process of establishing a Christian school at Alliance Friends Church. From serving on the committee beginning in 2012 researching and looking into the feasibility, to working through the relationship of a school to the church, to setting up the policies, handbook, and physical facility, and on to the surprising role of serving as administrator of Alliance Friends Christian Academy when it opened in 2015—all have been major growth opportunities for me and a stretch in my faith that is hard to put into words. I appreciate the chance it has given me to develop areas in my life that I didn’t know I needed, to get to know people I would not have known, and to discern areas of weakness that needed shored up or shouldered by other people. God has been good to allow the school to be successful in many ways and to begin to make a mark in the community. He has also brought very loyal people into the support network, and He has brought very special families into the AFCA community.

In this fifth year of the operation of AFCA, I am sensing the need to change roles in my involvement with AFCA. I believe the school is at a pivotal point in its existence, and that someone else is needed to take it forward. Therefore, I am announcing my resignation from the position of administrator of AFCA as of June 30, 2020.  

Because it would be challenging to simply walk away from the students and staff who have become part of my everyday life, and because I have breathed, slept, and lived “AFCA” for the past 7 years, I hope to be able to continue involvement with the school by teaching classes and serving as a classroom volunteer. As I said above, it will simply be a change in roles.  


In the love of Christ, 

Mrs. Melissa Duriga