Greetings to all in this wintery season! Very unlike the 2017-18 school year, we have been enjoying much good health among our students and staff this year. Our challenge this school year has been the large turnover of students, with the resulting adjustments for the student body and staff. I believe the Lord orchestrated our activities so that our field trip to the Football Hall of Fame started us on a theme of “teamwork.” The applications of this theme have included the emotional adjustment to loss of “teammates,” assimilating new “teammates,” picking up extra tasks, and focusing in on staying unified as Team AFCA. We are noting a maturity in your students and are very proud of them for how they are coping with the changes that have occurred. Although we miss those students who left AFCA to pursue other educational options, we are moving forward in our assignment to deepen our spiritual walks and grow closer to Jesus.

With the onset of bad weather conditions, we encourage students to dress in layers and to have a coat with them. If we realize ahead that there may be a bad weather day, we will encourage students to take home PACEs so they can work in them on the day off. They are allowed to work ahead through Check-Ups, but they may not do a Self-Test at home.

January 25th is the last day of the second nine-weeks and first semester.

Students are working toward completing PACEs in order to accomplish the goal of being halfway through their PACEs and being eligible for Honor Roll. On

Friday, February 1st, we will have Honor Roll Presentations during opening exercises between 9 – 9:30. Those who achieved Honor Roll in first or second quarter will go bowling in the afternoon at the Christopher Columbus Bowling Alley on Liberty Avenue. Snacks will be provided. Other students will remain at AFCA to work on PACEs.


What a great time we had at Bel-Air Nursing Center! Students and residents alike enjoyed the opportunity! We plan to go back soon.


Iowa Testing is scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday, April 16-18. All students must be present during those days, well-rested and having healthy nourishment and hydration. The Friday after testing will begin our Easter break.

Attention!! AFCA Variety Show Date!!

After communication with parents and some schedule rearranging, we are planning to host the AFCA Variety Show on Friday evening, April 5th. More details will be available as they develop. Expectations are that the Hand Bell Choir will perform, so please make plans for all those students to be there. Skits and other performances will soon be in the works. It is important that you communicate any difficulties with student participation to Mrs. Geiger or Mrs. Duriga.


Mrs. Eckert and Mrs. Duriga are planning Chapels and devotions using The Young Peacemaker book and materials over the next months. The goal is to help students learn to deal with conflict in a healthy way and to relate to others according to Biblical principles. Skits, role-plays, and teachings will be used to share the nuggets of truth from this well-written curriculum.


February Chapels:

Parents are always welcome to attend Chapel at 11 a.m. each Wednesday. Please be aware of the dress code and do your best to honor it:>)

2/20/19  - Video: "Harriet Tubman"

2/27/19  - “The Impact of Music,” with the Maendel sisters performing and Mr. Phil Braisted presenting.

3/06/19  - Missionaries to Ireland: David and Jonathan Howell

3/13/19  - “Responding to Conflict,” with Mrs. Eckert, Mrs. Duriga, and skit team

3/20/19 - Video story: "John Bunyan"

3/27/19 - Dr Tom Kinnan

4/3/19 - Practice for Variety show

4/10/19 - Pastor Rich Hall from Atwater Congregational Church "The Year of Jubilee"

4/17/19 - No Chapel - Iowa Testing in progress

4/24/19 - Mr Dwight Kommel, Christian Ed Elder, speaking on "The Tower of Babel"


Included with this Communicator is a form for the photo contest at Mt. Union’s Huston Brumbaugh Nature Center. If your student has any interest in participating and has good nature photos they have taken, please help them to follow the rules and enter their work.


Just an FYI: Postage rates are going up as of this coming Sunday. With the “Forever Stamps” you can purchase a book or roll of stamps by Saturday and save yourself on postage for however long you have those stamps. There is no need to add more postage. A book of stamps is currently $10 for 20 stamps and a roll of stamps is $50 for 100 stamps.


January/February Friday Privilege Activities:

Friday, January 25 - (end of quarter/semester)- Chess with Mr. Carl Gustafson, or crocheting for those working on a blanket or hat for APC.

Friday, February 1 - Honor Roll presentation during opening (9-9:30); Bowling for Honor Roll students from 1-2:30 at Christopher Columbus Bowling Alley,

505 S. Liberty, Alliance. Cost is covered; snacks will be available.

Friday, February 8 - Tour of Alliance Historical Black History Museum (1:30 – 2:45), 222 S. Arch Ave., Alliance for all those who are on privilege status.          The cost is $7/person. *Please send money for your student(s) by Wednesday, February 6th.

Friday, February 15 -  Valentine’s Day party for all students.

Friday, February 22 -  Maple Syrup with Mr. Joe Sukosd OR make Emergency Kits.

Friday, March 1 - Nature walk/ photo display/hot chocolate at Mt. Union’s Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center for privileged students. Will any AFCA students have a photo entry?

Friday, March 8 -  Mrs. Karen Campf, RN, from the Adult Education department at Alliance Hospital will come to teach CPR from 12:45 – 2:45 p.m. to              students ages 13 and older who are on privilege. There is no cost. Students will not receive a card certifying them; they will simply gain skills regarding choking and resuscitation. Younger students on privilege will have a different activity.

Friday, March 15 -  Emergency Kit or Maple Syrup.

Friday, March 22 - Possibly dental hygiene

Friday, March 29 -  Dominoes games

Friday, April 5 - Practice and set up for the AFCA Variety Show

Friday, April 12 -  To be determined

Friday, April 19 -  Monday, April 22- Easter Break. Return on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Remember the Closing Program and Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, May 31st, in the evening.


Note: For Emergency Kits, we will provide a string bag backpack and supplies to put in it, with the idea of being prepared at school for an unforeseen situation. Parents need to supply a family picture sealed in a Ziploc bag and a set of clothing (long pants and long sleeves). We will communicate closer to the time they are needed.


Needs List for Alliance Pregnancy Center (students to bring in to AFCA by Wednesday, February 13):

DIAPERS sizes 3, 4, 5

Onesies sizes newborn and 3 months

Baby Shampoo, Lotion, Bodywash

Adult Shampoo, Lotion, Bodywash, Deodorant

Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

One-gallon Ziploc bags; Sandwich size Ziploc bags

Clothes sizes 24 months and 2T

Please send items with your student no later than Wednesday, February 13.

Monetary donations may also be madewith checks payable to “Alliance Pregnancy Center.”