July 22, 2018

Church Series

"Take A Fresh Look At Your W.I.F.E."

Pastor Rick Sams

SERMON IN A SENTENCE (S.I.S.): Take a fresh look at your W.I.F.E. to see the purposes of the church. Also REPEAT MAIN SIS OF SERIES. If we keep our Jn 15 connection close, everything else in life comes together

CALL TO WORSHIP: Acts 2:42-47

CONNECTION QUESTIONS: We’ll dig deeper into the pastor’s sermon by looking into some of the sermon discussion questions in the bulletin & more. As always your questions about life or the Bible are always welcome in this discussion Q&A format class/service.


1. Read and ponder Acts 2:42-47. Pick out the words that stand out to you. Define those in your own words

2. Now paraphrase the passage in your own words and write it out. What did you learn from this exercise?

3. How have you defined fellowship in the past? Closer to coffee and donuts or the pastor’s definition based on the full meaning of the Greek word for fellowship, “koinonia” = “participation, partnership, holding in common, communion, caring, sharing, involvement.”

4. In light of the pastor’s message on the purpose of the church expand on what struck you about each word today, the W.I.F.E. acrostic:





  NEXT put a 1-5 (5 = high) rating YOUR PARTICIPATION beside each of these above

5. (Multiple choice) The church should most resemble

  a. an army

  b. a living body

  c. a family

  d. an exclusive club

  e. a shelter from the world

  f. all of the above

  g. a-c

6. Do you see people hungry for truth today a la Amos 8:11-12? Where do you find truth? Where are you directing people to find it? Explain your answer.

7. Author of Christian classics and pastor, AW Tozer, famously said: “If the Lord removed the Holy Spirit from this world, much of what we are doing in the church would continue and nobody would even know the difference.” What an INDICTMENT! Do you think that’s true or not? Give some evidence for your answer.