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v  Abe had a good meeting at his presentation on church planting last week, but since it depends on several churches working together, they need to discuss further what they want to do and how they want to do it. At least Abe was able to give them food for thought on making a plan. Praise the Lord!

v  On that same day Abe was able to meet with another one of the leaders in the Baptist Union and they had a really good discussion—which always seems to mean more work for us!! Praise the Lord—anyway!

v  And Abe’s time with Roman was very good. For the first time he was actually listening and seeking help. Continue to pray for Roman that he would grow into his position in leading evangelism and church planting and would develop a clear vision. Praise the Lord!

v  Vera is working with the Baptist Union to develop a section on their website to use for training leaders. That means they will be seeking to put up many of the materials and video lectures that Abe has developed over the years, as well as the courses. As far as leaving a heritage, yes, we are excited about that! Praise the Lord!


v  Abe leaves tomorrow morning to do another workshop but on the provincial level. Pray for their travels there and for the men to be prepared and eager to learn.

v  Pray for Vera as she thinks through what presentations should be put on the website. To be honest, you can dump a bunch of stuff anywhere on the internet, but the point is to be able to attract the attention of the people who need it.

v  Pray also, as we work on the project, much of what we have done in the past was in the Russian language, but this needs to be translated into Ukrainian. I can see it overwhelming our translator (who is excellent at his job) and we may need to examine getting an additional person or two on board. This is a very big issue because good Ukrainian translators are hard to find. And especially in the Christian world with all the special vocabulary etc that goes into it. And…we will need more financial resources anyway before we can pursue that.

v  Continue to pray for Roman that he would make steps in the right direction and develop clarity of thought, and eventually clarity of vision.

I’m sure there will be lots of jokes about having “2020” vision this year, but actually all of us need clarity as we think about the direction our lives are heading. Living life on purpose it is called.


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