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PRAISE - August 20, 2019

Yes, we had a blessed summer and feel we accomplished our purpose which was to give glory to God. Some Sundays I found it hard to greet and smile and do, but then I would pray, “Jesus, this is all for you, for your glory.” And then it was easy—because it wasn’t about us, it was about Him!

We also had a ceremony in which we renewed our vows. Yes, I think it is worthwhile to restate your commitment in this world that seems to spurn any commitment!

We had a ceremony outdoors in the little town of Damascus, Ohio, where I grew up and where we got married. Many friends and relatives joined us, but there is significance in those who stood with us during the ceremony. On my right is my dear cousin Nancy whom I’ve known all my life and we consider ourselves “sisters” since neither of us ever had a sister! She looks in on my mom regularly which of course is a special blessing to me. On Abe’s left is Bob Combs who was in our wedding those many years ago and who has been a dynamic pastor and a faithful friend in the intervening years. Next on Abe’s left is Nathan, my nephew, and on the right his wife Ira from Ukraine. The day of our celebration (July 27) was their one-year anniversary (our anniversary was actually Aug. 15). It was so special to have them with us as we were involved in their relationship from the beginning! A Godly couple. And then to Abe’s far left is our grandson Jesse, who had just proposed to the young lady on my far right—that morning. Not unexpected J but very special nonetheless and Lord willing they will marry in Dec of this year. They flew in from Australia to join us for the celebration. And so we celebrated 3 generations of God’s goodness and of commitment past and future!

Moving on to the more mundane, the drain issue was fixed and our drains work better than they ever have for years!

We are beginning to get back on our feet physically and emotionally. It takes time! Even when everything has been wonderful. J


Abe is in meetings right now in Kyiv and many decisions will be made today and this coming week and month about ministry for this coming church year. We have concerns but we see the leaders of the Baptist Union really taking steps to bring winds of change—which must come or their churches will die. It is as desperate as that. Pray for them as they seek vision from the Lord. Pray for Abe as he acts as a counselor and mentor. Pray that vision will spread throughout the country to reach this generation for Christ, rather than clinging to traditions.

We do not have the problem with Abe’s cell phone resolved. Pray that someone would find a “fix” for it sooner rather than later. It will become a critical need shortly.

Oh yes, and I didn’t even tell you about our new grandson who is already 2 months old! What a privilege to get to see him when he was still so small. His shirt says, “Of course I’m fabulous, Have you seen my grandma!” Ya gotta love these moments.

We will have precious memories of this summer for years to come. 3 of our children flew in with their spouses and a total of 12 of our grandchildren.

My brother and his wife came and he sang at our ceremony as he had at our wedding 50 years ago. Three of his children came and 7 of his grandchildren. Every moment was so meaningful!

And so I will end this note with another thank you to everyone. And a heart of gratitude to the Lord for all He has done, is doing, and will do, in our lives, in your lives, in the lives of the coming generations!


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