abe & diane bible - Ukraine

Welcome to our celebrations . In Ukraine we know how to celebrate! Here is your suggested prayer schedule:

December 25 our 1st Christmas

January 1 the 1st New Year

January 7 the 2nd Christmas

January 14 the old-New Year

It’s the season to HARVEST SOULS - SOULS OF MEN This is a time when hearts are especially spiritually open in Ukraine—and Russia.

MUCH PRAYER – MANY SOULS - Little prayer - few souls - No prayer - no souls

About 30 Church Planters and their disciples are standing by to harvest souls. About 30 church planters and their disciples are waiting to harvest your prayers.

Its Emmanuel time – God coming to save our relatives - - - and yours ! ! !

Twenty church planters are anxious about doubling their new church plants . In Russia – 9 people found Christ in the last 3 months

In Ukraine – one family – 2 girls, a mom, and a dad were Born-Again.   A large group of prisoners made commitments to Christ. 

Bibles are being passed out on the streets.  People are openly prayed with on the streets in many places. Men were Born-Again.  Some sort of spiritual movement has started in one province. Police are receiving evangelistic brochures. A city mayor was prayed with.  

So rejoice with us in the season of what God is doing—and pray with us for a great harvest in this coming month!

With the joy of a living Christ in our hearts, 

Abe and Diane


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