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Wow, God answers fast sometimes! Last night a friend called and said he had found Abe’s phone. It was sitting on a window ledge in a room of a church where Abe had attended a Bible study last week! Ah, these things we do sometimes unthinkingly. My guess is he won’t lose it again this summer! One of the issues is that we were not able to activate it here and I did not put the Ukrainian SIM card back in, so we couldn’t even phone it!

And Abe was able to work through the scheduling issues. It probably isn’t 100% for everyone, but something everyone could agree on. Three months is very tight for us to get to every church and at the same time we don’t want to skip anyone because each and every one has participated in what God has done in and through our lives. 


May 29, 2019 - QUICK NOTE:

We are doing well. In all the initial flurry I forgot to send out our phone number. 330-277-7966 and 330 277-7018. Abe cannot locate his iphone. Please pray that it will show up. 

Pray as we have to try to rework some of the dates for churches. Some of them never responded until now and some of them have changes that have created situations with the date expected. All of these churches are important to us. Pray that we will find a good resolution for everyone.

And yes, we’ve had a wonderful time in the two churches we have already visited. It was truly a celebration!


- Yes, we made the trip to the States without incident! No problems of any sort. Had a little wheelchair help in Amsterdam. And all luggage arrived safe and sound! What a blessing!

- We are in Pennsylvania now meeting with friends here and celebrating with our ‘first’ church on Sunday, focusing on the fact that we have had 50 years together in ministry! Not just that we have been married 50 years, but that we have labored together for our Lord and Savior. That is what we want to celebrate everywhere we go this summer, because the ministry God has enabled us to do has depended greatly on faithful churches and faithful people who have prayed and encouraged and given! Nothing happens alone!


- Pray that we will continue to make the time transition—always a bit of a challenge when we fly over.

- Pray that God will make us a blessing everywhere we go and create somehow a new excitement about missions. Not just short-term trips, but dedicating your life to the Lord, going, and riding out all the ups and downs. It is possible! J We will be visiting about 13 churches, most of them in northeastern Ohio.

- And pray for the whole summer we look to the Lord for safety in travel, for overall health, for ongoing healing for myself and wisdom about what to do—or not to do.

A Bible verse I often quote to the Lord—in expectation: “I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior. My God will hear me.” Micah 7:7

May Special Prayer Update

We deeply and always appreciate your ongoing prayers.

I need to give you the short version J Friday was very intensive running to doctors and testing. My dear daughter Priscilla was beside me all the way or I couldn’t have done it. And we still had to go back for more tests Saturday and then to try to find some medications etc. so last night I was still quite wiped out and went to sleep instead of writing.

Bottom line: it is my neck not my head. A vertebrae is pressing against an artery in my neck which obviously reduces the blood flow to my head. The neurologist checked me all out otherwise and all is good. The guy who did the ultrasound on my neck was blown away with how good my veins were—‘for my age’. LOL. I have some meds but not a good solution. Undoubtedly it was set off by may fall. I will be wearing a neck brace especially in the airports because my symptoms are set off when I move my head from side to side a lot (symptoms include light-headedness, instability, weakness). The neurologist proved that point!

My main concern tomorrow is in Amsterdam as we only have an hour to transfer flights and sometimes it can be quite far—and more stressful if our Kyiv flight is delayed at all.  The other issue for prayer is that our luggage goes with us all the way to Ohio since we plan to leave the next day to go to Pennsylvania. We will need them!  The Bible verse that was reinforced to me a couple times yesterday is:  Isaiah 41:10 And that is what I trust Him to do tomorrow. 

Thank you for praying on.

Thank you for your many kind responses to this current need. My MRI did not show any problems, however the symptoms persist. I am in Kiev now and will be seeing a traumatologist tomorrow (Friday). Our daughter Priscilla will go with me as Abe has a conference—the final one of the year—Friday and Saturday. Both of us would appreciate your continuing prayers. We will keep you updated.

We are coming to the US to make people happy about Missions. Thank you for praying to much, so often, so long! Our house is full of pleasant chaos with suitcases full of stuff waiting to be packed. 

Dear Praying Friend,
Here is a prayer request in regard to us coming over for deputation: 

About 2 weeks ago Diane fell over top of her bike and landed on her head.  Initially it seemed pretty mild, not much bleeding or other damage. She has been taking it pretty easy since then. There has been some headache, etc. But the last week she has had some difficulty walking alone without holding on to me; or has had a sudden spell of weakness that makes it necessary to sit down. Once she could not make supper. Making supper involves a lot of sudden movements reaching up or down and turning around, etc. She was shopping for a dress but got sick due to the air-conditioning and atmosphere. The last 2 days headaches have been added. The best is quiet sitting down work for her. Tomorrow she is booked for an MRI. 

With the travel only 2 days away we had hoped that recuperation would be complete.  As it is we are a bit concerned would like to enlist your participation in prayer. 

With gratefulness we call upon you again. May our blessed Lord honor you.

Love to you all. Abe


Thank you for faithfully praying about our continued work in Russia. This part of the ministry

was begun in 2017 in Chelyabinsk & Rostov provinces. Then in 2018 it spread to the Krasnodar province and January 2019 NLM Workshops began in Saratov Province. Here is the first hand report we just received written by our faithful assistant, Roman Vercherkovsky. May it bless your soul!

With my NLM team of Artom and Gennady we went to conquer Russia; this time it was in the Volga region, Baptist Union churches in the Province of Saratov. Our journey took 23 hours there, same back, depending on how long customs take.

Saratov Province greeted us with snowdrifts and welcoming brothers. The contrast was palpable in temperature, since at our arrival in Saratov it was 0 Fahrenheit and at home in Ukraine 35 F.

We went to the city of Engels, a city of about 250,000 people. We were hospitably accommodated in the home of the church superintendent of Saratov province, Mikhail Antonov.

The NLM Workshop was held in the House of Prayer - the main church in the city of Engels.

It was attended by 60 men. Present were 13 pastors of 13 churches of the Baptist Union.

One brother even flew in especially by plane from faraway St. Petersburg where he works as a reporter on the Christian radio Teos.

Superintendent Mikhail Antonov spent the entire first day of the NLM Workshop with us. But that night he had an attack and he was taken to the hospital. There they found that he had kidney stones and needed treatment.

After the end of the NLM Workshops and before leaving home, we visited Mikhail with his brothers and wife at the hospital. In addition to fruit, they brought him Gospels for patients in the ward which he plans to give out to both patients and doctors.

An amazing incident occurred after the NLM Workshop. Brother Mikhail was already in the hospital. We came to his house and saw that his neighbor could not get into his house. First of all he was drunk and secondly the lock on the gate in the fence did not work outside.

We offered our help and he gladly accepted. Our lightest brother, Artom, had to stand on Roman’s shoulders in order to climb a 10 foot fence and open the gate from the inside. The owner was pleased. We offered to pray for him and asked for his need. It turned out that his name is Nikolai, 60 years old, that he had buried his wife two years ago already and lives alone. We prayed for him. We said that God is still alive and that there is hope that he will meet his wife in eternity. Then we asked if he had a Bible. He said he had one and he would like to know what the Bible says about the future state of each person. He said that he knew his neighbor Mikhail Antonov well and respected him. We suggested that he meet with Mikhail when he leaves the hospital to read the Bible, and he agreed. Glory to Christ for the day that God sent this Man of Peace to the superintendent’s house. Now when the superintendent returns from treatment, a man is already looking forward to reading the Bible with him. God does everything on time. Hallelujah.


Roman is Ukrainian but spent 17 years working in Russia, first as a pastor and then later taking a position as a provincial superintendent, God called him to return to Ukraine about 4 years ago--just before the war with Russia began. He lives in that war-torn area and is pastor of a church of 200 or so and active in evangelism in that area as well as influencing many pastors in eastern Ukraine.     

We have long noticed the fact that all our NLM Workshops produce Born Again MEN and are accompanied by spiritual warfare. And this time was no exception:

1. On the second day of the NLM Workshops, the superintendent was hospitalized with an attack for the first time in all of his 47 years.

2. Team member Artom, having served us on this trip with his car, right after returning home the next day, had an accident and the car was damaged,but his wife and children in the car were not injured.

This means that the devil does not like the success of the NLM Workshops and he is trying to threaten its participants. But King Jesus has victory and everything is under His control.

The brothers attending the NLM Workshop were very worried about how to look for others who are ready to serve and how they could be mentors for such brothers in their churches.

Many heard for the first time about “New Testament Harvesting Evangelism” and agreed to pray for finding MEN of Peace.

The next NLM Workshop is on the topic “Finding a Man of Peace” and will be held on March 8-9.

March 8 is ‘Woman’s Day’ in Russia. The brothers got the idea to use the women's holiday to teach NT Harvesting Evangelism to their wives and bring their wives to that NLM Workshop.

They even asked us to prepare for the sisters a special condensed version of the NLM material on ‘Sowing Evangelism vs. Harvesting Evangelism’, and relating it to the evangelism of women to women.

The brothers were given homework. In each city, pastors were elected to be responsible for monitoring the implementation of NLM homework by the participants - 10 such brothers in total. They are called city coordinators.

Already on the 2nd day of the NLM Workshop, 41 participants confirmed the decision to pray for finding MEN of Peace and for meetings to study the Bible with MEN. Immediately after the end of the NLM Workshop 5 brothers had 8 MEN-of-Peace agree to read the Bible together. Hallelujah.

The brothers also began active correspondence in social networks about prayer for MEN of Peace and potential meetings with such MEN of Peace.

The news of the inspired brothers in their search for MEN of Peace sped to the brothers of the neighboring province. Alexander Russu, the superintendent in Voronesh province personally phoned and asked to hold all the NLM Workshops in their province also. So now we are ready to share there the first NLM workshop presenting the idea of NT Harvesting Evangelism on March 11, 2019 when we are returning home from the 2nd NLM Workshop in Saratov province.

Glory to our Savior for faithfulness to His Word that the fields have turned white and are ready for Harvest.

Yes, this ministry is expensive, a couple thousand every time Roman and his team travel because travel in Russia always means long distances, but God has the resources. Isn’t it wonderful how our Heavenly Father is using you in our home lands to produce fruit in such a harsh anti-Christian country? May your eternal crown be filled with diamonds.

Abe & Diane praying with you for the salvation of many!!!

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matt. 9:37-38 (ESV)


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