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Back to work this autumn means back to joy. Seeing Jesus do a variety of miracles weekly. We just finished our 1st Harvesting Evangelism Workshop. We had to await denominational organization, which fell apart over the summer. With many hindrances, a last minute workshop was staged. Thank you for ardently joining us in prayer. Well over 80 showed up. Over 60 remained to participate. The next day in one city the brothers went out to find MEN of Peace. Twelve MEN were engaged in conversation and 6 wanted to join a Bible study. In another village one MAN found Christ. The following day in still another hamlet one more knelt down to receive Jesus. Prayer does it every time.

This initial Workshop’s motto was “Becoming a Magnet”. A note to contemplate was “If you don’t change your old ways, will you be more fruitful next month?” Not likely, right? So a new beginning must be made in order to gain New Testament power to do evangelism.

The assignment to report on at the next workshop is to have someone at the end of the month say “What happened to you? You have changed!” Changes have begun to take place.

This summer we experienced a flurry of activities. Long overdue, we visited our precious friends, supporters and prayer warriors in England. It was a special time. New developments have taken place, and dealings with international money transfers. We are hoping our 30 year-long financial support will be able to continue. It has been a great item of praise and presently needs additional prayer.

Diane’s mom deteriorated during the summer and had to be moved to another unit. A hasty unplanned trip to the US made it possible for us to make that move minimally painful. With the Lord’s planning it included the wedding of Diane’s nephew Nathan to our Ukrainian friend Iryna. Uncle Abe had the privilege to give her away. This was topped by an infrequent but precious opportunity to participate in the Friends Annual Conference and mission event. Another opportunity to testify to the Lord’s grace of Harvesting MEN/Souls the New Testament way.

In the meantime Diane suffered serious pain from a knee injury that began in February and would not heal regardless of doctor’s care. Finally well into Sept. they discovered a ruptured meniscus that had already caused damage to the surrounding area. A rather simple operation took care of it, but it will take a couple months of vigorous physiotherapy. With all the flying and lack of good care Abe experienced a lot of swelling in both knees. While taking care of Diane the doctor decided to extract the fluid and he took out 1/3 of a quart. Fortunately Abe does rather strenuous exercises and his knees are much better than the MRI indicated. The charge for consultation was $11, which we could handle , and it came with the good news that the doctor thinks his knees to be ok for another 10 years.

Abe told the brothers this good news, but added that the bad news for them was 10 more years of homework assignments! For you our beloved friends it might mean 10 more years of financial support and prayers on your knees. Fortunately the Bible is full of such promises for the more ‘mature’ and we put our hope and joy in Jesus our Christ.

The fall ministry started with a 4-hour prayer meeting with denominational leaders. The main theme was for faith for the evangelists. Too much is done without believing God wants to do this! So they need to give the gift of faith to the MAN they share with before asking him to invite Christ into his life. A secondary theme was the role that unbelieving governments play in the work of evangelism and salvation of multitudes of souls. It was well received and hopefully will be used on a wider scale with pastors.

We also launched a Church Planters Workshop for those that started worship services in the last year or so. This year’s goal is for them to double their attendance and converts. The following year will focus on local believers beginning to participate as leaders in the new churches.

Financial Freedom has been launched again under the motto of Financial Peace for churches who have 40% or more of their members participating. Responses have been extremely slow, but PTL our own church of 400 members will participate. Please storm HEAVEN with your prayers.

A couple weeks ago in one area of Ukraine, where the Holy Spirit has started a movement of salvation in several villages, a weapon arsenal was blown up through Russian sabotage. It included the destruction of Ukraine’s finest milk factory. Over 30,000 people had to be evacuated for a week. Thirty or more villages were emptied. One of our brothers lives 40 miles away, and the air pressure of the explosion was so vehement that his windows shattered.

Clean-up has begun, but gardens everywhere are littered with unexploded shells. It is interesting to note that this took place in a very active evangelistic area. Pray that God will turn this evil attack into a very fruitful harvest of souls.

MEN are weekly finding Christ as Lord and Savior – our lives have literally been changed through New Testament Harvesting Evangelism. We are overcome with joy and overflowing with gratitude.

We dedicate ourselves to another season of service and rejoice in the hope of your renewed prayer, praise and care and financial support.

For the sake of Christ,

Abe and Diane

Please note that due to various circumstances our mission office has moved to Florida. If you give regularly you should have received a notice about it. Also we will take the opportunity to remind you that checks need to be made out to the mission, not to us personally. 


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