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APRIL 2, 2020 
Life moves on and I have not written. The word was last Friday that Mom does not have long to live, maybe even passing away on the weekend. However she is still there and under hospice care. She is barely eating, nor has she since her fall. And so, life seems on hold as we wait. 
-  I was able to join in a conference call with the staff at the medical center where Mom is through the efforts of my brother. It was so reassuring to hear firsthand all that they are doing for her. It is a blessing. 
-  Abe and I are healthy. We walk daily, more than usual because there is no public transport. The city is so quiet. 
-  We are learning new forms of communication! Talk about being propelled into it! I had my first Zoom “meeting” today. Interesting. Abe will try it out tomorrow with Roman to continue mentoring without the personal meetings in Kyiv. 
-  One of our church planters had his car die. Somehow or another God provided a car for $800! Incredible.  
-  Many people have been praying for Mom and our family and it is appreciated deeply. Thank you for praying us through this. 
-  Please continue to pray for the church planters Abe has been working with. This is a challenging time for them. The country will be closed down at least until April 24. There is no intercity travel except by personal car. Many of them continue to go out to their towns/villages to minister. Here is a link to put some faces to some of the key men who have been working already for several years towards planting one or more churches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa93lpLPwIU
This second link is available so that you can actually download the video. Knowing that churches are not meeting etc, I don’t know what is workable for yourself or sharing with a group. https://www.dropbox.com/s/366tnrmayaivaya/2020%20Experiencing%20God.mp4?dl=0  
If you are not acquainted with the course Experiencing God—it is worth your time! It has been around for a long time but has motivated many here and in Russia to new depth and focus with God. 
-  Pray for—spiritual awakening during this time of turmoil and unknown. I’m sure this can be a prayer for around the world, but please include Ukraine! And pray that believers across the country will take the opportunity to share hope especially as Easter approaches on the 19th (for this part of the world). 
Things are ramping up here in Ukraine re covid19. I will wait for confirmation and details before I send a further update—most likely tomorrow. A time for prayer! For each other, for suffering people, for those in grief. A time to look up to our One and Only Salvation


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