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MARCH 13, 2020
     My mom is hanging in there. The blessed thing is that she is Crandall Medical Center at the retirement complex she has lived in for many years. So it is not an unfamiliar place to her. And actually Mom is known by many of the workers because of that. She is holding her own. They are dealing with various medical problems. They will do physical therapy and hope to have her walking in 6-8 weeks. If she cannot walk, she also cannot return to her room in Memory Care. God has given us perfect peace through this because, we know Whose hands Mom is in. 
     I was thinking yesterday of the Lord’s timing with my doctors’ appointments in Kyiv last week, especially since I still have the pancreatitis. All inter-city travel has closed a couple days ago. But the medicine seems to be helping. PERFECT timing! 
     Monday morning the 16th we went to have our documents extended again for another year in Ukraine. 10 minutes after we were processed (we were there at 9 AM) the office was closed and they turned people away!!!  All of these things, totally out of our control. Totally in God’s control. 
     Pray for the church planters and evangelists Abe has been training, that they will have many opportunities to share the Gospel with people who, again, are suddenly aware of eternity. All of what they do is one-on-one or very small Bible studies, which are still allowed. Pray in the midst of all this upheaval there would be a harvest of souls! 
     Pray Godly wisdom for us as we focus on the church planting manual Abe has been developing to be used on all levels of leadership. It is meant to stimulate leaders and church planters to not stay with a traditional model but to look beyond tradition to the needs of their communities and their youth. Critical to see a turn-around in the whole denomination from churches declining a closing to accepting modern Ukraine and its needs. 
     And…just pray that we make good use of the ‘extra’ free time we have. Abe’s meetings next week have of course been canceled. Everything is shut down until April 3rd for sure. Otherwise we play it by ear! 
A Bible verse we have sitting in our bedroom. “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You.” (Is. 26:3 NIV) The key is—trusting in the Lord! If that is what you can do with whatever comes your way, in the midst of present day turmoil, or personal struggles, then you can have peace. So often we pray for something but don’t look at the conditions. Whenever I find my peace failing, I realize what is happening and work to get back in His arms! Under His wings. In His shelter. He is our refuge. 
Blessings on each and every one of you!


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