"Marks and Milestones of Grace" 

by Pastor Rick Sams

An old friend’s asking me to preach at the 50th anniversary of his ordination got me thinking about milestones. We measure them in birthdays, anniversaries and holy days.

I just passed the 40th anniversary of preaching my first sermon at Alliance Friends Church. Only the Lord knows how many sermons I’ve preached, funerals and weddings at which I’ve officiated, baptisms I’ve done, because I didn’t keep good records of these milestones.

Two other milestones loom large for me. I’m just about ready to give my 216th pint of blood (=27 gallons). 216 times I’ve rolled up my sleeve to be a life-giver of sorts.

My life motto and mission is to give life in similar ways as Jesus did. He revealed His mission in John 10:10: “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” I’ve found Jesus the only life-leader worth following, because He’s the only one who truly makes my life better. Have you found him so? Would you be willing to really give him a try?

The third milestone is we’re about to welcome our second grandchild. We are forever grateful he’s already full-term, healthy, and possibly another red-head. More than anything we’re praying he becomes a spiritual champion.

All these milestones are marks of God’s amazing grace, undeserved and unearned. That’s what God’s grace is and what makes it so amazing. None of these came to me by my DOING. They came from God’s BEING the kind of gracious, giving, loving God that He is.

I pray this 1156th column (I’m a better record keeper than I thought, in SOME ways) helps you mark the milestones of the same kinds of grace God has shown me, and then praise Him. I know I will. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150).