Pastor Russ Gumm

Join us this Sunday at 9am and 10:30am as Pastor Russ starts a new series this season called "The Ugly Side of Christmas!" You won't want to miss this one. Click below to listen to past sermons! 


What Spills Out of You?

November 14, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

In his new series, Overflowing, Pastor Russ prompts us to examine what flows out of us when life gets rough. You don't want to miss it!

Peter, A Failure in Over Confidence

November 7, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

Join us as Pastor Russ wraps up the last sermon in this series as he teaches of Peter's over confidence.

Rising Each Time You Fall

October 31, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

Join us as Pastor Russ explains the secret to getting up each time we fall.  Focusing on Acts chapter 15:36-41.


Jonah, A Failure in Attitude

October 24, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

This weekend Pastor Russ shares a message about the failure of attitude in doing the will of God.


Moses and Our Insecurities

October 17, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

In this series Pastor Russ is focusing on Failures of a Biblical proportion. Listen in as he reminds us that our insecurities are not final.

Abraham, A Lesson in Patience

October 10, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

Continue in this series with us as Pastor Russ focuses on the importance of Paitence.