Sermon Series

Pastor Russ Gumm

Pastor will be starting a new series this weekend called "Fan or Follower." Define your relationship with God, are you a passionate observer or are you willing to take up your cross? Tune in with us on Sunday's at 9am & 10:30am!


Remebering God

January 16, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

Pastor Russ is back! In this new message Pastor takes us to Joshua chapter 4. He challenges us by asking, what “stones” will you use to remind you of God’s faithfulness? How has God been faithful to you while you were in the wilderness?

For the Kingdom

January 9, 2022

Pastor Dominic Mariano

Pastor Dominic spoke in Luke chapter 18 about the wealthy ruler who was asked to sell everything and give to the poor, and then follow Jesus. Ask yourself, what barriers could be keeping you from giving all that you have for the Kingdom?

Luke 10 Initiative

January 2, 2021

Pastor Rusty Savage

Pastor Rusty Savage shared that 3.2 billion people are still unreached. 1/4 of the world's population have not heard the word of God. All people need Jesus. Who is your unreached people group?



December 26, 2021

Pastor Debbie Noble & Drew Noble

Pastor Debbie and Drew encourage us to find 5 people in our lives to be praying for and reaching out to. How are we making this a reality today?



The Ugly Side of Christmas-SIN

December 19, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

Pastor Russ will finish up his series on "The Ugly Side of Christmas" focusing on our sin. Be sure to tune in!


The Busyness of Christmas

December 12, 2021

Pastor Russ Gumm

This weekend Pastor Russ focuses in on the busyness of the Christmas season. Are we too busy to make or take time for Jesus?