Easter Services


If you missed our Easter services be sure to catch them on our Youtube page. Click the button below to watch!


Who is God That I Should Commit to Him? Pt.2 

May 15, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

Join us this Sunday as Pastor continues in his mini series, "Who is God That I Should Commit to Him?" Click below to watch!





Who is God That I should Commit to Him?

May 8, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

Pastor Russ discusses what we really believe about God, because we will never commit to God unless we believe it will make a difference. Satan does not care how much you KNOW about God. He just doesn't want you to BELIEVE what you know. 

Commt V.S Decide

May 1, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

This Sunday Pastor Russ will be looking at Romans 12:1-2. Satan doesn't care how many decisions you make ABOUT Jesus...he just doesn't want you to COMMIT TO Jesus. Have you made a decision or commitment to follow Jesus?



From Doubt to Faith

April 24, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

What are the doubts that hinder your faith? For Thomas it was the resurrection story. Jesus met Thomas in his doubt, until it was turned into faith. Are you willing to let Jesus meet you in your doubt and turn them into faith?



"Rise Up" Easter 2022

April 17, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

Join us on this Ressurection Sunday as we celebrate the Risen King! Pastor Russ challenges us to "Rise Up" out of our own grave and to fulfill the calling that God has for us! 




What Do You Expect?

April 10, 2022

Pastor Russ Gumm

Is it more important to have a Jesus you WANT or a Jesus you NEED? As Jesus rode into the city of Jerusalem the people thought it was more important to have a Jesus they wanted. Thankfully Jesus knew better and was the Jesus they needed. Watch this Sunday's sermon below!